the power behind your marketing
Your ‘brand’ is the way you are percieved. As a personality, it’s the way you look, dress, behave, speak, smile, eat, drive, interact, use, interplay, irritate, argue, debate, hug, love and live. YOU are the package and your image has value that is measured by its effectiveness. As a business, your ‘brand’ is no more complicated than that of a single personality. Our job is to work with your image, tweak it, slap it around, dump it and start again if necessary, whatever, as long as you stand out as you deserve to stand out. Branding includes every facet of image presentation regardless of the size of your business. It includes your logo and corporate identity, business card and stationery, vehicle signage, website, social media, point of sale material and advertising collateral through to bids, uniforms and corporate communication governed by a style manual. At Genesis, we have many years of experience and all the creative talents and services required to build your brand, either from the bottom up or to tweak what you already have to reduce the number of hurdles between you and your client base. Our services include graphic design, copywriting, photography, illustration, website design, business planning, marketing plans and advertising strategy and all with a touch of /common sense and at an affordable price.
by Genesis